Friday, January 14, 2011

Sleepovers and Girly Time

My sisters, mom and I have always loved sleepovers. Jammies, snacks, girly movies and just good ole' time together. Ever since I can remember we have done this and I just love it. Even some afternoons when we were younger and all still under one roof, we would just all climb in bed and watch movies. My poor dad, a house full of women (Mom + 3 girls), except the dogs, they've always been male. We don't have them as often as we used to of course, but we try. Like tonight, my mom and youngest sister are coming over for dinner, a glass of wine or two and girly time. Mark is out for the night at the Ozzy Ozbourne concert (snicker, giggle...oh and PS Slash is the opening act and he cancelled so now it's just Ozzy so I'm sure at his ripe "young" age the concert will be all of an hour and he probably won't move from one spot). Anywhooooo.....I'm really looking forward to the relaxing night at home with no plans for the weekend (zero, zilch, nada, I'm not expected anywhere at any certain time the whole.entire.weekend!!), so much in fact, I may put my jammies on as soon as I walk through the door (after I recognize my husband and child of course)! My poor hubby though, I don't think he really gets the whole sleepover thing, but he's a guy so I don't really expect him to. He's not from an affectionate family and I'm not sure they spent that much time together really. Sad, but I'm not one to judge. My situation growing up was different and that is what makes us all unique. This is also what makes Mark and I such great partners. We create a good mesh when we combine our thoughts on growing up and our childhood. I really truly feel that Mia (or maybe our children some day if day care ever becomes affordable) will be raised very well, independent and strong. Back to my point...When I tell him about sleepovers he just kind of gives me this look like we are really weird. That's ok...I heart weird. I get excited about knowing my Mom and sister are coming over and we're just going to hang out, relax, eat, maybe fall asleep on the couch, you know the super exciting Friday night stuff. I just hope my lil' angel baby (squishy, squishy, cuteness that she is...yep, weird) Mia enjoys it just as much as I do and when she's 32 she can look back on all of the good memories we've shared and look forward to the many still to come. Even more so, I hope she looks forward to sharing the traditions with her children. I come from a family of traditions and my husband does not. I'm trying to rub off on him a little bit, so hopefully it's working! Enjoy your weekend!

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