Monday, January 10, 2011

The Prediction of Snowy Weather in St. Louis...Let the Chaos Continue

It's Monday, cloudy, cold and we are all gearing up for a very snowy forecast starting this evening into tomorrow morning. Why is it that in St. Louis, everyone freaks out when it's supposed to snow? By freaking out I mean run to the grocery store and stock up as like we would be snowed in for days on end and not be able to function as normal for weeks. I, just like most, do not enjoy driving in the wintry stuff, but it's part of living here. It can't only snow on holidays and weekends. That is pretty obvious to most. Furthermore, we barely even get any snow really and the majority of the time it is too hard to predict and we end up with more than expected or barely a dusting. I'm not blaming the meteorologists, I don't know what it takes to be one, but I never put too much into what they predict and neither should everyone really. I'll prepare for it, but I'm most certain, Mark, Mia, the dogs and I will all survive for a few days if we end up with several feet of snow and are officially "snowed in." I'm not going to hold my breath though, I can't imagine that ever being the case here, but I may be proven wrong at some time in my lifetime. When I lived in Kansas City, we experienced a nasty snow and ice storm that did pretty much shut the city down for a day or two, but that has been the worst I have seen in my 32 years. Plus I was teaching then and had the wonderful enjoyment of snow days. I don't have that luxury anymore. I may delay the start of my day tomorrow, but if I can open my front door and my garage, I can get out. Why is it that St. Louisans panic when we get these types of forecasts? I've never understood the chaos that ensues when we receive this type of news. Relax everybody, we'll all be just fine. Take a breath, grab a mug of hot cocoa, build a fire (assuming you have a fireplace), grab a blanket and enjoy your evening. There is nothing more beautiful than waking to a snowy wonder, so embrace it for it's beauty, not how it will make for a more difficult morning commute.

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