Friday, February 11, 2011

Cool, Cool, Cool Tricks and Hey Louie

Seriously, the cuteness that is going on with my child right now is some days overwhelming. She cracks me up, every single day! The mimicking is just too awesome... Example #1: She loves Yo Gabba Gabba. I was kinda of hoping she wouldn't for the mere fact that I find the characters to be a bit on the creepy side and how do they come up with these names, I mean Fuffa...really? However after watching a few episodes (ok every single one, multiple times who am I kidding) they do teach some really great and simple lessons. She got a DVD for Christmas and we moved our old TV and DVD player to her playroom as to avoid putting it in the basement and it collect dust instead. She loves it. She can turn on the TV, the DVD player and play the DVD without any assistance from us. Not my proudest parenting moment, but still amazing to me nonetheless (she turned 15 months last week). Well throughout the show they have kids come on to show their cool tricks - spoon on nose type stuff, etc. Now she is mimicking the voice over - cool, cool, cool tricks! Example #2: Mia loves her dogs. Lucy is definitely becoming the favorite and more so because she is much more tolerant of a toddler than Jeff who is our eldest "child." She calls her Louie/Lulu and has for quite some time. Both Mark and I call her that amongst a million other things, some of which we do not say during "Mia Awake Time." A few weeks back she started saying Hey Louie every time she would walk by or sit next to Lucy. Well now she is saying it to everyone. She was waving and calling everyone Louie last Sunday on our way to our cousins. Hey Louie, Hey Louie (picture the little chubby arm and hand stretched out and waving back and forth). Hilarious!

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