Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Sign of the Apocalypse

My cell phone is not working. Starting last Sunday, my battery started dying much quicker than normal. By much quicker, I mean by 10:30 am Sunday morning it was telling me to Connect to Charger....wha????? I usually only have to charge my phone at night. It's been this way since I got my phone in the fall. I love my phone, but I am very frustrated with it right now. Shame on it for not understanding my feelings and acting out like it is. The touch screen is not always working, it's freezing up and will automatically turn itself off on occasion. Fun right? No. Not. Fun! I feel like my world is coming to an end and crashing all around me. That is how serious I am about my phone. After posting on FB and requesting suggestions from other EVO users, talking with our company Sprint rep (who is also one of my tenants and right across the hall and no help by the way) and talking once with tech support, my phone is still this same this very Thursday as it was on Sunday. I have an appointment at one of the retail locations close to my office this morning. Please, please, please phone Gods fix my phone. I can't live without this phone. Seriously, I can't. Update: After 30 minutes at the Sprint store, I think the problem has been determined. The area where my charge actually plugs into my phone was showing signs that it had been wet (the green, icky color on the metal). They handed it over to a tech who checked on my battery and other things and would be attempting to clean the so called wet affected area. As I was sitting and waiting (mind you trying to figure out how to spend the next 20 minutes without my phone, what do I do with my hands) I was thinking to myself how did my phone get wet. It has not been around water, ever...then I realized I had a one year old child who loves her Mommy's cell phone and who chews on it all.the.time. I try to say no, but it's too much of a battle at the end of the day (pick and choose, bad Mom, whatever). That's it! It was Mia! Anywhooooo, it appears to be back in business, but we shall see. I've been back to the office for about 2 hours and still have more than 1/2 my battery. The End (please, please phone Gods and thank you for helping me today).

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