Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's What's For Lunch

Seriously, ick! Why, why, why?
I try to network a decent amount. I like getting out, meeting new people and staying on the up and up of the news and other happenings in my industry. I think it's a vital part of being a professional business woman and part of my job, but mostly I really enjoy it.
However, several of the luncheons I attend throughout the year do not offer edible options for lunch and I end up eating the vegetable and dessert and am starving by 3:30 pm. The veggie cancels out the fat and calories in the dessert, just FYI.
Today, in example, the event offered salmon. Every year, salmon. I'm not a fan of seafood and even if I was, I think it's a weird thing to offer for lunch. The smell alone that permeates the room for the remainder of the presentation is enough to make me sick. I remember when I attended this function and was pregnant I had to leave early. I hate leaving early. I'm a strong believer in the simple courtesy that if you plan to attend a function, if you cannot stay for its entirety you should not attend at all. I think it's rude and disrespectful to the organizers and most importantly the invited guest speaker (we are trying to represent STL in a positive manner, not in an "armpit of the US" manner). Also, turn off your cell phones during the presentation, shall I continue...
Stick with chicken. I think chicken is safe. What do you think? As a non-seafood eater am I overreacting about this?
I'm a strong believer in Chick-Fil-A (seriously could the food or service get any better for a fast food option) and I must say, they are right...Eat Mor Chikin!

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