Monday, February 21, 2011

Products Anonymous

Seriously, It Should Be A Club And I Should Be President I'm a product junkie! There is just something about buying a product - a candle, a new lotion, a new eyeshadow or a new lipstick, among many, many other things. I love buying new stuff to try for my body and mostly my hair. I love hand lotions, face lotions, face masks, scrubs, body wash, anything that makes me feel super clean, soft, smooth, you know the I'm still in my 20's type feeling. A few issues to point out: Issue #1: Serious problem = Bath and Body Works...serious. I have more body sprays and lotions than any one person should every own, but I get bored easily and changing what I smell like helps this "small" issue of mine. Issue #2: Grounded - I recently put myself on restriction from buying any more hair products mostly due to the fact the my bathroom cabinet is practically overflowing with shampoo and conditioner. So for a few months now I have been using what I have instead of buying something new or more of my absolute fav - go me! My husband is thanking me. He doesn't get why my hair products have the price tags that they do, but they do and they are worth every penny hunny promise, k? Issue #3: MAC eyeshadow - nuff said. Other than those three, I am pretty normal (I think???). Several other bloggers I follow do product reviews and I enjoy reading and hearing about what other people like and try. One I enjoyed recently was Hi, My Name is Kelli. New product of the week (oops) - TreSemme Dry Shampoo. OK here's the dealio with this one. I wash my hair every other day, but lately I have noticed that by skipping that day my hair is getting a little more oily than I prefer. I'm trying to save time in the morning, not gross out my co-workers and husband. This time saver is not intended to be obvious (i.e., snooty girl alert by stating this forthcoming comment, but you have been warned - a co-worker had a super greasy scalp that I was very easily distracted by in a meeting last week. I thought to myself, "I hope that is not what mine looks like.") Anywhooooo....I saw the commercial for this stuff and figured I would try it. Gave it a shot this morning and I like it. The shampoo didn't have a huge odor, which was a concern of mine and it didn't cover my hair with a pastey-like substance which was another concern of mine. A few sprays, wait a few minutes, brush and done. I even curled my hair this morning and it has helped keep the curls curlier too. Most importantly, it was only $4.79 at Target (Yay! Woo! Love! Let me count the ways!). Way, way cheaper than what I would have found in my normal hair product store. Again, go me!! After my girls weekend this past weekend (more about that later this week) my husband might take away my wallet, so every little saved penny helps. Let me know what you think. Have you tried any dry shampoos? Any other must have products that you love? Do tell, do tell!

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