Friday, February 18, 2011

"Smart?" I Think That May Be Questionable

How are these safe? Can someone please explain? I understand the purpose and I, as should everyone else, try to do my best to lower my carbon footprint, however these cars are crazy and to be perfectly honest they kind of freak me out. I also am first to point out that I am not a small person. I'm not quite sure my almost 6'3" frame could squeeze into one of these babies. Each time I see one driving down the highway my heart rate quickens and I start taking shorter breaths just thinking about what would happen if they got into an accident (worry wart, me??, well kinda). I keep seeing more and more of them, typically driven my those 50+ (mostly due to the price tag I would venture to guess). What are your thoughts? Would you buy one if price was not the issue, you didn't have children or tons of stuff to lug from point A to point B? However, should I ever choose to purchase such a vehicle, it would most definitely have to be pink! Sidenote - I am super jealous of Paris Hilton's pink Bentley. It's a secret, so don't tell k? You should google it. I really, really heart pink. I'm just fooling you, I'm not 32, I'm still 5, but I can drive. Amazing, huh? Is it a coincidence that when "googling" a picture of a smart car, that a website/blog titled "1000 Ways To Die" popped up? I think not! My point exactly.

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