Monday, February 13, 2012

Crockpot Monday

Sorry for the MIA last week.  Work was a bit busy and blogging just didn't fit into last weeks' craziness.

Why don't I use my crockpot more?  I mean seriously how easy can a meal possibly be.  Just stick all the ingredients in the pot, stir and let cook all day and bibbidybobbidyboo you have dinner.

My issue with using the crockpot is I want to ensure it's still relatively healthy.  Typically when I think of my crockpot I think of Rotel and Velveeta or those little weenies (or mini hot dogs) in BBQ sauce that my parents always had (vom by the way; if you know anything about me, I can't do hot dogs - you know that show How's It Made, yeah, that).

So, with that I'm going to start a new Monday blog series called Crockpot Monday.

What better day to use the crockpot then Monday?  Am I right or am I right?  Nothing worse than the first day of the week, getting back to the weekly schedule and grind and then having to cook.  After Monday I'm usually ok to cook or so is husband, but the first day of the week is sometimes rough, especially by the evening.

Tonight's menu:
Cilantro Lime Chicken

This was super easy with very little prep (mostly due to my awesome food processor that I am still convinced was the best wedding registry item decision ever) and of course was found via Pinterest.

This can be eaten in taco form, salad form or just by itself.

Share your recipes k?

Have a great week and even better, have an awesome Monday!
**If you're on Pinterest, let me know how to find you.  


Lindsey said...

Chicken breast in the bottom, throw a packet of taco seasoning over, then a jar of salsa, cook, make some rice, eat.

Chicken breast in the bottom, combine an Italian dressing seasoning packet and 2 cans cream of chicken, cook, shred, and put on top of pasta. Yum.

Chicken breast in the bottom, combine 16 oz. Mullen's french dressing, 1/8 cup each of garlic powder and oregano, and 1/4 cup of chili powder, pour over chicken, cook, shred, and now you have nacho chicken.

Shannon said...

Just threw that in my crock pot! Was thinking it would be great with some black beans and maybe some broccoli with the sauce over rice. Maybe corn? Hmmm...

SEL said...

I've been thinking of doing a meal planning Monday series for a while. Maybe I'll wait a few weeks to start and use some of your recipes first. ;)

This looks delicious! I always add the recipes that hubs and I like to the blog. Great way of remembering what works!

Molly said...

Fun! I will have to try that recipe! Looks yummy.

Emily said...

Thanks for sharing your recipes. Gotta love recipes you find off of Pinterest! They sound delicious. And, I'm so like you, I NEVER use my crockpot. I really should more often!