Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kinda Suckin' Lately

I'm sure that title will get me all sorts of fun goodies from the "internets."

Not sure what my dealio is.  Just not feeling it lately with the whole blogging thing.  I'm kind of overwhelmed with the negativity and the constant, neverending, back and forth debate between working moms, stay at home moms, working from home moms, single moms, married moms, moms in general.

How many times do we have to cover the topic and say we should support each other, but yet still continue to write about it and disagree, talk negatively about one another, pick sides, the whole nine yards.  Enough already.  No one will ever agree on this topic AND, most of us really don't know each other, so let's stop pretending.  Once we've had the opportunity to walk in each other's shoes then ok, carry on with your opinion.  Until then I think we should set this one on the same shelf with religion and politics.

Questioning if I've taken what I want from blogging a little too far.  I had no idea (and still don't) how big of a deal blogging was/is.  It was just my space for the longest time and then I decided I wanted to grow a little, so I reached out into the blogisphere and Twitterland.  I never was concerned about numbers, still am not really, I'm just someone who likes to write and wanted somewhere to do that.

So bare with me, I'm still here, just taking a small hiatus.

Never know, could have something genius by tomorrow.  After all I am a genius, remember??

Til then, take care of yourself and each other (in the words of Jerry Springer himself)!



Crystal Seed said...

You're right. We don't know each other. We only know from what we read. But seriously, all Mom's are amazing in their own way. And I have total and complete respect for each and every one of them. But when one Mother to another starts to run their mouth about their way of parenting, or whether they feel the need to work and let a day care raise their child (like I do)...well, that's their choice. And that shouldn't be held against them!! I love your blog, and I love reading about your sweet family, and I hope that people who feel the need to talk negative don't make you go away for good! I would miss you!!!

SEL said...

I totally agree with you on all of this. I've taken several weeks-long breaks from twitter recently. It's just too much! And as for numbers with blogging, it doesn't matter to me either. I write for myself, and that's all that matters.

Ps., I used to watch Jerry Springer when M was a newborn. He actually gives out decent advice at the end of the show. Ha!

April Westerhold said...

I guess I'm lucky, I haven't dealt with any of that. Maybe you should just write a post and say, "if you are going to be judemental, then please stop following me". ha! I don't understand what there is to debate/argue about? Everyone makes their own decisions or maybe some people's decisions are made for them out of their circumstance, so why should anyone else care?

You could also just delete the comments that annoy you or don't follow people that write in "that" voice.

Emily said...

I take plenty breaks from blogging. Enjoy just being you!

Gina said...

I agree. I struggle myself with judging sometimes (who doesn't?) but the blog debates and their topics I take breaks quite frequently and I never regret them.

Elizabeth Hall said...

I've been all of those kind of moms at one time (except a single mom; and can't we all agree that one is probably the hardest most of the time??) and they are ALL hard and I agree the debate should just go on the shelf. After all it really is just people judging your parenting skills not your job choice.

Totally bummed I missed seeing you this weekend! Enjoy your hiatus - I take one every other week, hah! :)