Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We Shall Dine In Color

I have a renovation problem.  Like whoa.

In my next life, in fact, I will be a interior designer.

I hate my dining room.  We never use it.  It's a total waste of space, but I know that in some point in time (in my head anyway) we as a family will sit down for dinner together other than 1 or 2 days a week and we will need that room.

And even if we don't, this room needs my attention badly.

I thought the kitchen/laundry would be next, but let's just say the Hubs and I are not on the same page with a few hundred things, so we'll pause on that project for a moment while I work on getting my way (it's just the cabinet situation - everything else is cool - the granite, the new sink, the tile, the paint - just not the cabinets, which need to be white - they just won't work how they are now - they are dated and if we leave them the same there is no point in doing anything to that room until he is ready to modify the cabinets).  I'm not a control freak (pinky promise).  I just know what I want when it comes to design.  I love my Husband dearly, but he should really leave these decisions up to me.  After all this time and all the things I've done, he's never not loved the finished product.  I value his opinion, yes, of course, just not when I don't agree.  And there you have it.  Our perfect little marriage.

I'm loving the greens, yellows and black and whites right now and was really inspired by the decor in the spa I went to over the weekend.  I love color, always have and I'm not afraid to use it in my house.  I have some ideas rolling around in my head.

I'm way excited.  I came across some amazing furniture that will a little TLC will be perfect for this space. In fact, our next two weekends are relatively free, so I'm going to get started this weekend.

Likely will not use both in the dining room, but see potential for the black metal framed bookshelf in our family room.

I'll do before and afters.

Happy Decorating!


April Westerhold said...

I have the same problem with our dining room. We have an eat-in kitchen that we use everyday. In 4 years, we have sat in the dining room 2 times: once when I put tables end-to-end for Thanksgiving and once when we were playing LCR on New Year's Eve. I want to get rid of the dining room table (it's old anyway) and make that room in to SOMETHING but I have no idea what!!

Shannon said...

One damask wall would be fun! I actually didn't like that new decor in the spa! It just was not spa like. Too busy, not relaxed like a spa should be. It would be cute for your dining room tho. I always thought that room should be your "kitchen". Can you knock out the wall in between or make a hole to connect the two? Marks gonna love me for this idea. :)

Gina said...

You can come help me decorate my new crib when we move. ;)

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

i lurve white cabinets. i don't know why people don't use them more often. i hate my "cherry" ones! white is so fresh!