Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sharing Some Blog Love Today

Well my life is freakin' chaotic right now, so when I can actually catch my breath and blog, I'll be back.

In the meantime, I wanted to share something with you today.

Kelli is one of my high school friends.  She's a phenomenal person, mother and writer.

We share the same birthday, so that automatically makes her awesome.

She so kindly shared some pics on Facebook recently because back in the day we clearly got very bored and used to take weird pictures with appliances and making our best Wanda from In Living Color faces, as seen here.

We were 15 so cut us some slack.

And don't be jealous of the wash in the jeans I was wearing!  Woo weee, girl had style.

She left the Lou and moved to Florida and she can go to the beach and swim in her pool whenever she wants and I'm jealous.  We only met up once or twice a year when she was here, but she's just a lovely energy.

Please read her post today.

I Want to Carpe Diem - Minivans Are Hot

All Mommas and parents should read it.  It's a wonderful reminder.

Have a great Thursday!

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