Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tweeps, Peeps and Everything In Between

I love to write.

I have a undergraduate degree in Secondary English Education and a Master's degree in Education.  I enjoyed sharing my love for reading and writing with kids for the three years that I taught high school English, but the politics and other BS were more than I could handle, so I chose to explore other opportunities outside of education...

I digress...

Writing has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember.

I just like to speak on paper.  After leaving teaching, I went from being consumed with reading and writing most of my days to very little of both.  And then came Mia and then I stopped reading and stopped writing all together.

Through a recommendation of my cousin, I started blogging in 2009.

I never thought that blogging would provide the connections and believe it or not friendships that it has provided for me.


Through blogging and Twitter, Gina and I figured out that we lived in the same city at a time when I was exploring a new gym to join.  Ms. Namaste herself encouraged me to join her gym and boom, that's how we met.

And through that relationship, I met (well I should say virtually met her via the internet, not in actual human form) Lindsey.

Since they are both teachers, they have a bit more flexibility with their schedules in the summer and had made several mentions of trying to get together for a day at the zoo with our kids.  As I've mentioned before our zoo here in the Lou is a amazing.

So we figured it out.

Last Friday we met up for a day of F U N!

All of the kids were so cute together and it was a great day to get to know these women even better.

Checking out the trees and bugs on the way in.


We tried at a group shot, but I kind of like this one better.

Petting the stingrays

Trying to keep all the kids out of the water.

Choo Choo Taaaaain, in the words of C man himself.

Choo choooooo

We ended the day with a little body art.

Girlfriend fell right to sleep. 
Her pick - the Pink Kitty - meeeeow.

Getting picture ready for sending a text to Dadda.

Night night kitty.

It's amazing how something can become something you never expected.

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