Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Linking up with Shannon again today for So What Wednesday!

So What if:

  • This is my 3rd week that I have not, I repeat, have NOT, seen the gym.  I'm in a funk and we've been gone the past 3 weekends for this, that and the other and I'm tired.

  • I'm actually challenging myself to not drink this work (notice the adjective "work") week.  Yes this is a challenge.  Momma loves her vino, but after Memorial Day weekend, birthdays and anniversary celebrations I'm giving my liver a break.

  • I've not bought anything for the Hubs for Father's Day nor made any plans.  I did earn 1 Point though because I have asked him what he wants to do, he just didn't give me an answer.  He's not a big "let's celebrate me" type of guy.  However, I do have a fun picture idea...we'll see.

  • Mia already has her 4th of July outfit, including matching sunglasses.  There is something about that holiday and my need to dress my child in red, white and blue.  I'm not that way with anything else really.

  • I'm thinking of re-decorating our master bath even though we haven't even started on our kitchen renovation.  I better rob a bank soon.

  • I watched two straight hours of Teen Mom last night.  TWO.  I need more crap TV in my life.  I just sat in the dark, by myself (Mia was sleeping; Hubs was working upstairs) watching the trainwreck.  The drama and crazy that is Amber, I don't even know where to start with that one, however I quickly remembered how much I love sitting on my ass doing absolutely nothing.


Leah said...

ugh i know... i am so over the gym right now too. i'm about to go walk around the block. not quite the same but it's better than noting... i guess :/

Gina said...

I wish It had only been three weeks since I've been in the gym. Next week, when this stupid virus is out of my house, let's remedy that together, mkay?

Sonya Marie said...

My husband acquired and new tattoo and so we haven't seen the gym in about a week...and it felt nice until today...I noticed my stomach gaining some unnecessary bloating :[

Heather @ Cookies For Breakfast said...

I was outrageously excited about the return of Teen Mom last night. And then to wake up this morning to reports that Catelynn and Tyler were pregnant again?! Overload. Rest assure, the story was just a rumor - there is no baby Carly #2 on the way. I had a really hard time watching, knowing that Amber just chose to go to prison for 5 years instead of going to rehab for a much shorter period of time. Bananas...

Alicia said...

Ha! This is such a kick-a$$ list! I was good about going for a run last week -- four times! But this week, eh! But, so what, right?

LOL at the crap TV. I don't watch Teen Mom, but I get my fix from Keeping Up With the Kardashians... equally as bad, huh?