Wednesday, June 27, 2012


This week I'm Saying So What if:

  • I watched American Ninja Warrior with the Hubs Monday night and liked it.
  • I let Mia cry out a 14 minute tantrum on Sunday night.  She was calling for me the entire time.  It broke my Momma heart a bit, but I held strong.  Girl's got to learn right?
  • Mia watches too much TV and spends too much time on the iPad.  It's not like she's watching Real Housewives or Jersey Shore with me.  And yes, I was one of those Moms that said she wouldn't watch a ton of TV.  Who was I kidding?
  • I don't go to the movies, like ever, but this Joe Manganiello character may actual get me to coordinate a girls night to go see this Magic Mike movie.  Yum...eeee.
  • Even though they are so great for her, I am soooooo ready for Mia's swimming lessons to be done.  2 weeks, 8 nights, a full 14 hour day for that many days...I'm exhausted.
  • I find E cards on Pinterest to be hilarious.  Some of them just straight up make my day.  How is this not funny?

Link up with Shannon at Life After I Dew...these are so fun to read.

Happy Hump Day!


Leah said...

Oh wow I didn't know american ninja warrior was back on, is it still on G4?

TV + ipad = free babysitters. I used to say the same thing, my son wouldn't ever watch tv. Um he didn't until he was 2 and I realized he had an attention span... and mama got to take a shower!

I don't like movies, the bore me. I'd rather take a nap. But YES on magic mike! IDK what it's even about but i need to see it.

someecards are hilarious!!! agreed.

Angela said...

I feel like everything on this list, could have came right out of my head as well!!

Liz said...

Yes, let her cry. And yes, someecards brighten my day too! Funny stuff!


Lauren said...

Love this! I think I wanna hook up and do this! I love reading yours! And, #3? YES, so does my Mia. Oh and I "seen" one of those e cards...haha Just kidding :)

Shannon Dew said...

Oh honey kP watches more tv than I care to admit, it's embarrassing some days!

Mrs. Mama said...

14 hour day swim lessons!!! oy... that makes my mind hurt.

I cant for the life of me get E to like the ipad... she wants none of it.

but TV? she likes!