Tuesday, March 29, 2011

And Now You May Return To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

General consensus, Monday night TV is awful. However I have found a new, quirky comedy that I am growing to like, Mad Love. It's a conglomeration of people from "other" shows, including that one girl from Scrubs (never watched it), the guy from American Pie (of course I've watched it, probably one too many times) and that other guy from the superhero type show that I can't remember the name of (watched it once or twice cause my hubby liked it). What is it with guys and superheroes by the way? Typically my Mondays nights include DVR catch up from the previous week (i.e. just watched Idol results show from last week last night and PS, Casey was waaaaaaay too over dramatic after he was saved). My other favs currently: Tuesday night - I'm not sure what I watch on Tuesday nights. Wednesday night - MODERN FAMILY. If this show does not make you laugh, you are not human and American Idol, of course. Thursday night - Good TV night. The Office, Community, Parks and Rec. and Idol Results show! Friday night - normally 20/20 and Dateline - how cool am I? Saturday night - SNL - most of the time this gets recorded and we watch Sunday because we're "busy" (aka indulging in cocktails and talking up a storm) Saturday night. Sunday - CBS Sunday Morning (again, the coolness is overwhelming) and Bob's Burgers is one of my new favs. I'm not a huge fan of the cartoon line up that has taken over Fox on Sunday nights, but this one, as inappropriate as it is, makes me giggle. American Dad and Family Guy aren't bad either, but it took me a while to warm up to those. Other shows I watch, but I couldn't tell you when they are on because they are DVRed. Hubby wouldn't be caught dead watching them and my couch time is limited these days thankful in part to a certain blond haired, blue eyed girl and my need for sleep: American Pickers, Pawn Stars, Bethenny Ever After (I heart her), Real Housewives of OC, Real World, and Jersey Shore (yep, I watch it and I LOVE it). I'm pretty sure my Dad took a large gasping breath when he figured out that I was watching the kids from Seaside Heights and all the happenings at the Shore Store. I love drama, healthy or not. Can't help it. I am reality TV's best customer :) Others that I watch periodically, but don't have set to record: Kardashians (why, I'm not sure, they interest me, I'm just not sure what they do to make all that money), Teen Mom, 16 and Pregnant, House Hunters, House Hunters International (the show makes me drool and often hubby and I have a major game plan after it's over), most anything on Bravo or HGTV, oh and Ellen. She and I became fast buds when I was on maternity leave, but I don't get to watch much anymore. Anything on renovating...I'm really becoming obsessed with kitchens. I used to watch America's Next Top Model, but I just can't handle Tyra Banks anymore. She's super annoying and could not be any more full of herself, oh wait, that's Oprah. I can't really watch her either. I'm sure I'm missing more. So what are you watching? What do you love? I'm always open to trying out something new. Oh and PS, we don't have movie channels - HBO, Showtime (I miss Weeds) or anything else. We just don't have time to watch movies anymore, but on occasion will have movie night on a Friday or Saturday night. Suggest away if you've seen a good one lately. Thank you Red Box (we cancelled Netflix about a year after we had Mia and realized there was no longer time for movies on the regular). What are you watching? Any great recommendations? Thanks to The Stroller Ballet for tweeting the comment about Monday night TV last night and sparking the idea for this topic. Love when that happens and you should follow her blog! It's one of my new favs! Again, no spacing or paragraph separation. Nothing like having to read one, reeeeeaaaaaalllly long paragraph. Sorry. Blogger is really cramping my style so far this week. Any suggestions from other folks that use Blogger would be appreciated.

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