Monday, March 14, 2011

Fun Times in a Saloon

Road trip! Who doesn't love a good ole' fashioned road trip? Saturday night was so much fun! It was me, my oldest sister, my BIL, their neighbor and his friend. Besides the fact that I was sans hubby due to work commitments (boo!), we had an awesome time.
We headed west towards Columbia for a little food and some honky tonk. My sister and BIL's neighbor is the cousin of this up and comer in the country biz.
First up - CJ's - Cold Beer and Hot Wings. Now this is my kind of place (except I had vodka instead)! I spent many hours in this restaurant back in my college days and it had been several years since I had been back there. The decor alone was fabulous - light fixtures circa 1980's with missing light bulbs, pleather booths with duct tape covering the rips, metal chairs with a faint resemblance of a cushion for the seat and puzzles framed on the wall. Aaaaahhhh, a bar in a college town! The smell of age, beer and lingering cigarette smoke with a hint of wing sauce! Yep! Super great! Call me crazy, but I felt like a crazy college kid again!
Next up - locate the Snorty Horse Saloon! The name alone could not get any better.
We pull up and park next to the tour bus, why....why not? We're cool since we kinda know the guy. Knock, knock on the tour bus door...he's sleeping. It's only 7:30. Remember - we're in a college town, nothing happens until at least 10. So inside we go for something to do until the concert 3 hours. Sigh. I found the mechanical bull (it didn't take long for me to find it) and signed up to win an autographed acoustic guitar. Luckily for everyone else, the bull is no longer a functioning part of the bar due to insurance claims. Damn. I did get a picture on it though. See:
So quarters, it is...and a quick 3 hours it was. We did get some one on one visit time on the tour bus. See evidence below: Pretty awesome I might add and the concert was great! I danced all night!
What a night we had and what a headache we had the next morning!
Whether you are a country fan or not, you should check him out. He is fantastic and in my opinion, a true God gifted talent.
Brett Eldredge
or follow him on Twitter (haha!) @bretteldredge
He may be coming to a town near you!


Sarah at The Stroller Ballet said...

Looks like you guys had an amazing time!! Sometimes you just have to get out and let loose (even if it may lead to a headache. Ha!)

Shannon said...

Fun times! I don't know why my comments aren't posting!!