Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nail Polish and Me

I have a serious addiction to products as I have covered once before, but even more so with nail polish. It is very, very serious. My poor hubby, I am pretty sure he had a small heart attack when the bin was first discovered once he added up the amount of money that was sitting in that bin. Cheaper than weekly manis...that is for sure!
My bin of polish consists of at least 50 different bottles of nail polish, and I'm a brand snob when it comes to my polish. Everything is primarily OPI, but a few others mixed in as well. I have colors for all times of year, colors reserved just for my toes, just for work, just for the weekends, you know what I'm sayin.' I like fun, bright, light, dark, it doesn't matter. Some of my favorites include Lincoln Park After Dark (awesome on the toes),Tinsel Town Taupe (this is now a retired color...small tear) and OPI Red (staple red). Last year, I bought a great purple from the Shrek collection. So fun! I always thought it would be really fun to work for OPI and create the names for the nail polish. I am also very particular about my top coat (Seche Vite only) and base coat (Stickey base coat by CND). Funny story, as my sister is just as particular about this subject as me, her daughter (she's 5) was very concerned the other day when she was going to paint her nails that she was not putting down Stickey base coat first. ha!
So they have come out with a new product and I'm curious to try it. It's called Black Shatter. It crackles when it dries and they recommend wearing a bright color or fun glittery color underneath. Here's a picture I pulled off the web to give you an idea:
I'm thinking this will be a fun experiment on our next vacay, not something I can wear on my fingernails at work. I tried to purchase a few weeks back but they were only selling it as a set and green was the color they had it paired with. Um, no thanks.
Have you tried it?
What are some of your favorite colors?
Next up, quick dry nail polish by Sally Hansen (I know I can't believe it either, but it's conveniently at Target and Walmart and I frequent those stores much more than my product haven, however not much less expensive than OPI). It's all in one tube, the paint and brush, no lid and less chance of spillage. I bought some a while back and have still yet to try it. I'm thinking this will be a great option for Miss Mia who I know is just dying to have her toes painted :) Also, they have come out with polish with small and narrow tipped brushes for doing designs, etc. How fun, especially for little girls! Looking forward to the summer and fun girly nail time with Mia and my nieces!


Katy said...

What a fun collection! I love having a bold color, but my follow up is pitiful and I always end up with chipped stubs of nails for weeks.
When it comes to your daughter, I saw a very cool product this weekend called Piggy Paints. It's made specifically to be safe and non-toxic for little ones. :)

Melissa at Tall Blonde said...

Thanks Katy. I have not heard of Piggy Paints. I will have to find them!

Shannon said...

Haha! Yay! I got props! Yes filing, buffing, sticky base coat, polish, and Seche. In that order, no substitutes!