Tuesday, March 8, 2011

And Today's Forecast Calls For

Rain, rain and more rain. Icky, yucky, gray skies crying all over our city. Bummer. I don't like rainy days. They make me tired and hungry and that's it. They attack my motivation, drive and attitude (not to mention my two hour webinar I'm getting ready to sit through does not help, let me hold back my excitement on this one, I don't want to overwhelm you on a Tuesday). It is one thing if I am home with nothing better to do but stay in my jammies and play with my daughter all day, but it is quite another when I have to be at work. I can't believe Mother Nature isn't more conscious of my schedule. Geez.
So with that I give you a few things they may help you forget about the gray skies and focus on much happier and more positive things:
Item #1: The sun - the major item lacking from my day.
Item #2: Big Bird - he's (is Big Bird male or female?) always made me happy. This was a nickname I carried all through high school based on my height and blond hair.
Item #3: Funny images you find when googling other images but get distracted, such as this Item #4: The beach and thoughts of a warm, sunny afternoon basking in the sun staring at your feet and the ocean. Item #5: A fruity cocktail or other fun beverage that you enjoy, preferably while basking in the sun on the beach
Item #6: And how could I not include this little monkey. She brightens my day every single day and always makes me smile! Thanks Cakes (nickname #104 for Mia). Don't ask.

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