Thursday, March 10, 2011

T is for Twitter (and Thursday, Coincidence?)

TallBlondeBlog is now on Twitter (@TallBlondeBlog). I've tried Twitter once before and just couldn't get into it. I wanted to try again because I've heard great things about it. It hasn't even been 24 hours and I'm loving it.Do you tweet? If so, follow me won't you? I promise to follow back.
However, I need a tutorial session from my hubby.
Fun thing about twittering (this is how I refer to it to my hubby, bebe are you twittering? I'm hilarious, I know, but seriously it's tweeting right?) and blogging is connecting with so many other people (primarily women, many of them married and married with children) that I would have otherwise never known. It's just a really cool thing and I'm really enjoying it.
I'm excited about meeting up with a high school buddy next week over lunch to talk all things blogging. If you don't already follow her, you should check her out. She's realistic and so funny. I love her perspective on some many things, especially parenting and motherhood.
Happy Thursday! One more day until the weekend. You can do it, yes you can!

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Sarah at The Stroller Ballet said...

It took me quite a while to get into twitter...but now I'm completely addicted!! Twittering is the best ;)