Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Update

After being attacked by the flu bug last Friday morning, I am back to business today. I started feeling much better Saturday afternoon and even more so yesterday. Thank you to our beautiful, sunny warm Sunday, I spent the afternoon outside on the deck painting a shelf for Mia's room and getting a "tan," multi-tasker am I (this is an old wood shelf that has been sitting in our basement since we moved into the new house and the paint and primer was purchased weeeeeeeelllllll...six months ago, anyway, better late than never). It was such a warm day I could have stayed outside for all afternoon. It was so warm I changed Mia into short sleeves and shorts after her nap. Her little chubby legs made the rest of my day. I could stare at them for hours, weird I know. At about comment number 5, hubby called me out for being weird. After all the painting fun, I decided we definitely needed to grill. Just as I put the hamburgers and zucchini on the grill I got pooped on by a bird. However, I did hear that is a sign of good luck, so I will take it for what it is and be thankful it was on my tank top and not my head. Thank you little birdie...I guess (is it appropriate to ever thank anyone/thing for pooping on you?). Hubs was down yesterday with the same bug, but it appeared to have left the building by last night. Here's to anti-bacterial spray and wipes and praying very much that lil' Mia doesn't get it. Also, very important to note, Mia and I stepped out of the house for wee bit on Saturday afternoon for a quick trip to Bath & Body Works and Target! Retail therapy can always take care of the ickys. It was productive time out of the house. I noted some very proud parenting moments including teaching her how to say Target. She got her first doll who has she been carrying around as her baby and constantly checking to make sure she doesn't have a "poopy." "Momma, no poopy!" Happy Spring! Have a great week!


Katy said...

Eww. Sorry about the poop but glad you enjoyed some fabulous weather!!

d.a.r. said...

Hahaha, I love that your proud parenting moment was teaching to her say Target!! So fabulous.