Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Flashbacks - 80's Style

My favorite sheet set as a kid.

Best show ever.  Mia would love this.

My favorite underwear were my Smurfette underwear.  In fact, I would tuck my Winnie the Pooh shirt into my Smurfette underwear, put on my cowboy boots, turn on my BAD, Michael Jackson record and dance. Proof in video.  Thanks Dad.

Every.Saturday.morning.  I loved Chairy.

Tootie, Blair and the gang.  Great show!
"You take the good, you take the bad, you take em' both and there you have
the Facts of Life,
the Facts of Life"

Nanu, nanu.

I mean what kid didn't want an Alf of their very own?

Hold me closer Tony Danza (teehee).

And I know this has absolutely nothing to do with 80's shows, but when we talk 80's these boys must be included.  Who was your favorite?

What show did you always watch as a kid?  I love looking back on these shows.  
So simple and every one was fully clothed.

Have a great weekend!


SEL said...

Holy moly. I have an extremely similar post already scheduled for this Monday about the 80's, including similar pictures. I wrote it two weeks ago. Ha!

Great minds think alike!

bananas. said...

i watched all those shows too! also loved punky brewster and the one where the girl was a robot...shit what was it called? oh small wonder! oh oh and out of this work with evie and her time freezing fingers! haha!!! was that the 80's? i can't remember...but yes loved them all!