Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mia, I Need To Ask You Something

Dear Mia,

My precious, beautiful and spunky daughter.  My silly, silly monkey.  You have a sniffle, a bit of a cough and you've been dragging a little bit this week.  Mommy's been gone a lot in the evenings because she needs to lose weight, be healthier and stronger especially for you.  I haven't been bringing you with me this week because I don't want to spread your germs to the other kids, so I've been keeping you home with Daddy instead.  I'm sorry if this is throwing you off.

I just want to check and make sure that you know that your bed is not in the hallway.  You do know that Mommy and Daddy put a nice and comfy big girl bed in your room right?

Just checking because three out of the last four nights I've found you like this:

I'm glad you like our carpet as much as Mommy does, but sweetie it's cold and you need a soft bed, pillows and blankies when you are sleeping.

So do me a favor, k, and stop being so independent and such a big girl and sleep in your BED and not on the floor.

Oh and can you stop asking me to stay and cuddle with you in the mornings, cause it's killin' my Mommy heart.

I love you.

How much?

Sooo much.

How much is so?

Way, way more than you know.

Love always & forever,


GiGi Reed said...

This just made me smile! What a cute post (and picture). Thanks for sharing! :)

Emily said...

How cute. My daughter once fell asleep on our bottom stair. No joke.

Lauren said...

AWWW so sweet! Love it!

Miranda said...

this is why i am hesitant to get a toddler son has never *knock on wood* tried to get out of his crib and i just want to keep him in there for a loooong time :) but it is cute seeing her lying there

SEL said...

LOL! what a cute post!