Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"She's On The...

...potty and she just went pee and poop."

Scene: 20 minutes into Body Pump, heart racing, feeling good as one of the child care teachers comes into the classroom, all mothers turn to see who she is looking for, it's me - winner!

Woman: "Your Mia's Mom right?"

Me: "Yes." (all options running through my head - did she fall, did she hurt someone, did someone hurt her, is she bleeding, etc.; this was her first time at the child care at my gym and as I assumed she would do great being the little social butterfly that she is, as a mother I always worry about her; also feeling major mom guilt as I picked her up from one sitter and immediately drop her off at another)

Woman: "She just went pee and poop on the potty and she wants you."  "And we don't wipe."

walk to Kid's Club (trying to pick up the pace, but my legs are already shaky; thinking to myself, she has not had any interest in the potty in 2 months and her first time in child care at the gym and she goes into the bathroom, pulls her pants down, takes off her diaper and poops and pees?  It's like a miracle.)

enter Kid's Club. open bathroom door.  It's not my kid.

In the background I hear the other teacher, "that's not Mia's Mom."


Woman: "I'm so sorry, we have two Mias."  "Now who is this Mia's Mom."


I do a quick check to make sure my child is still there and alive.  I spot her, playing by herself, appearing to be having a grand time.  Ok.  All is good here.  Back to class.

attempt to haul it back to class, but my legs don't appear to be moving very quickly, so I shake back to class.

I finished the class with no more issues, but I think we can all say that wasn't the best first day in the gym child care experience.  They were so embarrassed; you could tell they felt horrible.

I'm thinking to myself, I know it's Monday and the first full week for many of us, but come on folks these are children you are dealing with.  Get your act together.

We survived our first gym child care experience, except in all the chaos and apologies when I picked her up I didn't get my license back.

So I ran by quickly this morning before work to get that back in my wallet.

Let's hope next time runs a little smoother.


Gina said...

I am laughing SO hard as I read this even though I knew how it was going to end. So funny. Glad you did blog about it.

P.S. As soon as I got home I told B this story and he was all, "WHAT?!? Oh man, what a buzzkill." LOL.

Jamie said...

BUMMER! I was so happy for you for a minute!

SEL said...

Yikes. At least one of the ladies knew you weren't the mom...

And I laughed about the shaking back to class. It took me a good month to be able to walk smoothly after my body pump, body combat, body attack classes.

Kudos to you for sticking with it!!

Emily said...

Ya they really need to be more on the ball.

Mrs. Monologues said...

Oh brother what an ordeal. Gyms take in all these new people and it just turns into a madhouse the first month. I am sure it will get better! Also, way for the child care teacher to be a potty tease.

Mrs. Monologues

Shannon said...

Ugh! Luckily those days are mostly over for me. The Y didn't change diapers either so they would call me out in the middle of class countless times! The WORST though was the time I decided to shower after my workout. I had just started my shower and put the shampoo in my hair, I heard my name being called in the locker room. I say "over here" and the lady proceeds to hand me my dry, fully clothed, crying baby in the shower. Uh, whaaaa?