Friday, December 2, 2011


I love my dogs.  More days than others, but they are my fur babies, our first children.  I love them both unconditionally, even on their gasiest of days.

I believe strongly in the rescue programs for dogs, but especially for the pit bull breed.  They get a really bad wrap.  A really, really bad one and some days it really pisses me off.  Our media disgusts me in their coverage.  Every time there is a pit attack, it's breaking news or the top story.  Really folks? Do you know there is a war going on? Why don't you cover the Owner and the piece of crap they are for how they treat their dog and how they let them roam the neighborhood, etc.  No other breed of dog has jumped on a human, bit another human?  They are banned in some communities, counties and cities. This is an issue that is very near and dear to my sensitive doggy-lovin' heart.  I'm the proud Momma of two of them.

We rescued Jefferson from a kennel.  He was the Pet of the Week on a local news channel.  He's a perfect blend of a boxer and a pit bull.  We were his 5th, yes 5th, home.  He was a total spaz when we first got him and now he's a grumpy old man, as we like to call him.  He's 90 lbs of love and just really wants everyone to lay down and cuddle.  He's jittery and nervous most of the time, especially when there is a lot going on, a result of abuse in his previous homes.  He follows us around very closely (a little too close sometimes), but he always needs to know where the Hubs and I are at all times.  It's almost like he's still worried we'll leave him :(

Our Lucy was rescued from the APA (Animal Protective Association) several years ago when I decided that I didn't want to be the only lady in the house and that Jeffy needed a sister.  She, along with the rest of puppies and dogs in their kennels, was just begging us me to take them home.  Her adorable milk chocolate color and matching brown eyes broke my heart.  We love her, most days (I kid.).  Lucy is very smart and she needs constant attention and just wants to lick.  She's a hoarder (she will take her "babies" and hide them, sleep with them, keep them to herself) and a protector.  From the moment we brought Mia home from the hospital, they have been buddies, although Mia is about done with the licking :)  She is her Lulu.  My daughter will be a dog lover just like her Daddy and I because we are teaching her how to love a dog, how to share with a dog and how to treat a dog.  They are members of our family.

I just want to make it a point to spread the word about the pit bull breed.  They are not aggressive dogs.  They are strong and lovable creatures.  However, they are not for everyone.  My parents, who were looking, "tried" out a pit for about a week.  Stray Rescue, a great program here locally, provides that option, which is great.  She was too strong for them.  That happens, but with every type of dog.  Some are more suitable for others.  They ended up with a chihuahua mix that they rescued from the Stray Rescue program. :)    No matter the breed, the dog is a result of it's owners and how he/she is raised and treated. If I raise Mia to be a bully and to beat up on other kids, I quite assure you she will.  Just like the breeders that unfortunately choose to raise their pit puppies to be fighters to cushion their pocket books (ahem...Mr. Vick).  Dogs, like children, are products of their environment.

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Our city has many great organizations and programs if you are a local and looking for the perfect rescue or would like to learn how you can help:

Just to name a few.

Have a great weekend!


the workaholic momma said...

I just LOVE this post!!!! We are huge dog people too...we actually fostered german short-haired pointers before Addie arrived but the hubs lived with a wonderful pit bull (his roommates dog) before we were married and he was the SWEETEST little man...totally made me want one but I already had 2 other pups!!! I wish people were more supportive of this dad was postman and he always cautioned that the little dogs are the most aggressive...the "ankle biters" as he liked to call them! I hope things change soon!

Have a great weekend and give your furbabies hugs and kisses from me!

SEL said...

I love this post. Pits, rotties, etc all get bad raps because SOME dogs make the 5 o'clock news. I'm so glad you rescued your pups and gave them a forever he. I big into rescuing as well!