Friday, December 30, 2011

Goals for 2012

It's time.  To put them down on "paper."  To lay it all out there.

My goals for 2012:

1. Join a gym - I'll always belonged to a gym.  After moving 2 years ago and never finding one suitable for my likes and needs I cancelled my membership and stopped going.  I've been doing some exercising outside, occasional yoga in the house and a post dinner dance party here and there, but that's it.  It's time to get SERIOUS.

2. Schedule and run 4 5Ks - starting with the St. Louis St. Patty's Day 5 mile which is longer than a 5K, go me!

3. Meal plan - we are HORRIBLE at this.  We eat well and almost always from our own kitchen, assuming you don't count the past week or so, but we are the WORST planners when it comes to meals.  With Pinterest, there is no excuse.  I've tried several of the recipes the past month or so and they have all been great.

4. Budget - We kind of have one and for the past two years we said we are actually going to sit down and do a spreadsheet and try to put more money away and we still haven't.   This year it's happening.  We have 401Ks, IRAs, etc., but we could be doing more.  Momma needs a condo at the lake and a boat and that is not going to happen any time soon unless we start saving, oh and I have student loans and a child to send to college!

5. Use Craigslist to make some extra $$ - we have so much in our basement that we never use, never touch.  It just sits there collected dust and spiderwebs.  For Christmas, I got the start to my new dining set and now I have my red, somewhat chipped Crate & Barrel set from my wedding registry ready to sell.

6. Finish Mia's big girl room transformation - As easy as it would be to just buy everything all at once and be done with it, those kinds of benjamins don't exist in our household, especially this time of year, so it will be a work in progress.  I still need to paint her furniture, her tree (more to come on that later) and add her chandelier that I will be making from an older piece (more to come on that later).  I'm trying to be thrifty with this project.  No need to go buy all new stuff, except her bedding of course.

7. Organize - our kitchen and laundry room could use some assistance.  I have referenced my "get your crap off the island" station once or twice before.  With all the thrifty, relatively inexpensive options out there this will be so refreshing once it's complete.

8. Rebuild our deck - HUGE project.  Luckily the Hubs is handling this one.  It's been on our list since we moved into our house, but there is a thing called time that he doesn't have much of.  It's happening this spring and we're both very excited about it.  We love our deck and use it a lot in the spring and summer, so we'll be excited for the new space.

9. Breathe and SLOW down - I get caught up a lot in the day to day and what there is to always be doing.  Whether at work or at home, I consistently feel like I'm being tugged in a million different directions.  I would like to slow down and smell the flowers a little bit more.  Time is a ticking and I'm not getting any younger.  My child is growing so fast and I need to embrace her even more than I already do.  And my Hubs, he and I are just trying to do what we can to provide for our amazing family and often we lose what got us here in the first place. So 2012 we will attempt to bring it back to us and focus on spending more time together.  Thanks to my sister who lives close by, we are going to alternate date nights so we ensured a date night every other month.  We need that time!

10. Be Inspired - There are a lot of amazing people in my day to day real life and my Twitter/Blog life.  I'm very lucky and amazingly blessed.  I need to feed off of all of this good energy and stay away from those that try to bring me down.  I did well with this in 2011 and hope to continue.

Do you set goals for yourself?  If not, why?

If so, what are you bringing to the table in 2012?  What do you most hope to accomplish?


SEL said...

I don't have any resolutions. I've never really had them. But I love the last one. Be inspired. That's absolutely fabulous!

Mrs. Monologues said...

These are amazing goals! I am sure you will do all this and more!!

Have a wonderful day!
Mrs. Monologues

Kelli said...

Wow! Those are great goals. I seriously wish I could get a lesson from you on how to use Pinterest. I stink at meal planning too! Can't wait to read up on how those goals go!

Gina said...

Yay for the gym! I'm heading to yoga tomorrow morning...come join me!