Thursday, December 15, 2011

What Message Are You Sending?

This time of year is not always so Christmas-y due to some "family issues," but I try to keep strong and stay tough for my family.  But some days are harder than others and continuing to see the look on my hubs face when we try to discuss it just breaks my heart.  Each and every single year.

However, I will stay strong and Christmas-y for Mia's sake because she's a child, our child and that is what she deserves.  No matter how others (ahem....adults) behave, this is about her and the other kids in our family.  I want to make each Christmas magical not just with material things and a bazillion presents, but with time and traditions.

This is my FAVORITE time of year.  FAV.O.RITE!!!  I will not let childish and selfish behavior change my feelings about this holiday nor will I lie down and let my husband continue to feel disappointment and embarrassment because of these issues.  It's not his fault, but he blames himself.a.lot. And that my friends is a hard battle to watch.

It saddens me.  Every year we go through this.  Every year we talk about this.  Every year nothing changes and often it gets worse.  Here we are just about a week away and the emotions are running pretty high.

As a parent, this has taught me many things, but most importantly it has taught me that I will do anything to make sure that my daughter knows that I/we love her.  She will always feel safe, welcome and loved in our home.  She will be raised with a full and open heart.  She will know that her parents will do whatever they can to make sure that she knows that she is something and someone very, very special.

I just wish all parents would send the same message.


Miranda said...

I hope to send the same message to my son as well. i want him to live a life of love, creativity, respect, and just happiness :)

SEL said...

I hope things are peaceful for you and the family this holiday season. But you wrote an important post. We as parents should always be mindful of the message we're sending others, and especially our children.