Saturday, December 24, 2011

Gets Your Craft On Yo

I love to craft and I freakin' love Pinterest.  Not that this is new information to any of you that follow me on the regular or know me in "real" life, but me and my glue gun are becoming fast besties (can you believe I just bought one for the first time about a month ago?  Me either.).

The ideas are amazing.  Like a). the recipe I have found for Christmas brunch that is to mimic one of my all time favorites (will post recipe after I actually make it and taste it), b). making things for people that are getting married in the near future, aka my wonderful assistant Myrrah, c). finding fun ideas for Mia's big girl room and d). finding inspiration for my "get your crap off the island"/organization station for my kitchen.

Here's my latest craft project, Myrrah's Christmas gift.

I love how it turned out.  It was so easy and it cost me all of $22.  Thank you Michaels and your sales and your handy dandy coupons.

And most importantly, she loved it! Like giddy, I'm young and getting ready to get married and am so excited to see my new last name in a frame giddy. #winning

Merry Christmas Eve!  Santa's almost here!  I'm so excited (and so is Mia)!!!!!

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SEL said...

What a cute gift! Great job!