Thursday, December 29, 2011

My One Christmas Fail

This Christmas was AMAZING!  A 2 year old might be the funnest age at Christmas.  Anyway, it was magical, just as I hoped.

Christmas Eve night, we went and looked at Christmas lights and we put Mia to bed after getting the cookies, milk and carrots ready for Santa.  She was excited, you could tell, especially when it came to actually settling down and going to sleep.

So we did our usual routine, jammies, brush our teeth, books, cuddles, one more kiss from Daddy and then tucked her (snug as a bug in a rug, mind you) and said Good Night.  She seemed settled for the night, but with Christmas anticipation.

I quickly grabbed the remainder of the gifts from my super secret stashing area and headed downstairs to fill her stocking and finish wrapping her remaining gifts.  I was getting way excited!

Within about 1.2 minutes, Mia was standing in front of my face, "Hi Momma" as I was stuffing her stocking full of goodies.

Sh*@! (Note, that is not what I actually said, I have much control thankyouverymuch). Mom Fail.

I grabbed her hand and we quietly went back to bed.  This whole big girl bed thing is great and all, but um, they can get out.  It was a flash back to the days when she was climbing out of her crib.

Anyway, all was quiet and good within a few minutes and we went back to our business.

Lesson learned.  Mommy and Daddy need to be a little bit more patient when finishing Santa's work on Christmas Eve.

As much of a fail as it may have been, I love the excitement on Christmas Eve especially through the eyes of child, but even more so the excitement in the Hubs and I getting ready to make her morning just perfect.  I think we did pretty well.

The next morning the Hubs and I were awoke (at approximately 7:00 am; it appears my child no longer sees the need to sleep past 7:30 am now that she has a big girl bed) with a, "Momma, I awake!!" as she busts open our bedroom door and runs to our bed. She was so excited to get downstairs, but first I had to remind her to go check her tree in her bedroom and make sure Santa didn't leave a little something for her there.  He did.  Mom win!

A Christmas morning at its absolute finest.

And that my friends, makes me the happiest Momma in the world.


Gina said...

At least it was when she was 2 and not 5...

April Westerhold said...

Glad you guys had a great Christmas!

Crystal Seed said...

I love this!! We did the same thing with Chloe. We put her down and got right to work on the rest of the wrapping and building her kitchen. But, she's still in her crib, so there was no surprise sneak attack. LOL! But I love that last picture!!

Gina said...

So funny! Just found your blog! new follower :)