Monday, December 12, 2011

I Need Someone With Magic Powers and I'm NOT Kidding

So yeah, yesterday sucked.

After a lovely, uneventful and relaxing Saturday evening, I woke up Sunday morning refreshed and ready to take on the day.  I was going to church.  It has been months since I've last been in the house of God and let me tell you I've felt like a visit would assist me with some emotional "things" I've been dealing with lately.  So I was pumped even though I had to wake up via alarm on the weekend.  Not my favorite thing.

Anyway, I got myself up and ready and then went and woke up the princess and got her ready.  We were out the door on time!  Score 1 for Mom!  Right before I went to go wake up Mia, I opened my drawer to grab my wedding ring (as I always do every morning) and it was not there.  Small moment of panic.  Ummmm....

I didn't wear it at all on Saturday.  Sometimes I don't on Saturdays.  I do a lot of running and I'm normally cleaning and usually not showered (eeewwww).

So I think, hmmmmm....Mia.  She plays with it a lot.  Should have kicked that habit a long time ago.  But usually one of us is watching her when she has it.  And it's cute.  Not so cute now, but it's cute.  She was upstairs with the Hubs on 2 occasions Saturday when I was not up there.

I briefly wake up the Hubs and his first comment is, well it's insured.  Ummm no Hubby, no.  Not.the.point.

So we're off to church.  I feel good after the service.  Ready to take on my day.  Mia spent the service in the nursery with my Mom, so it was some nice alone time with God and my thoughts.

We proceeded to my bestie's house where we had our Annual Gingerbread House making, which is always fun.

Afterwards, I proceeded home and the Husband and I tore our house upside down and Mia napped for a whopping 45 minutes. His mood about it was a little different now that he was actually awake.

We found nothing but dust and a quarter.

I fought off tears for most of the search.  It's a really crappy feeling.  I don't want a new one.  I want my original ring.  The one that my Husband put on my finger that beautiful August evening when he proposed.  Yes, that one.

So send me some good ring finding juju and say a prayer or two for me will ya.  Or if you know anyone with magic powers of any kind, send them my way kay?

I'm only working a half day today because I am determined to find my ring.

Update: I found it.  Within 15 minutes of being home.  I had so many sweet responses and support from you guys.  I'm not sure who sent the luck my way, but I am very grateful.  I have now been able to spend my afternoon on the couch with my computer.  And the husband, is beyond excited.


Lindsey said...

As bad as this sounds, be sure to check her diapers the next few days. You never know with kids! I hope you find it. I can't imagine that feeling..

Ashley @ Gratitude and Latitude said...

My diamond earrings that my husband gave me for our 1st dating anniversary got stolen from my luggage. Luckily they were insured but I was sad to not have the original pair... so I can't imagine how you're feeling over your wedding rings! Crossing my fingers it turns up soon!

the workaholic momma said...

oh no:(...I totally know that panic feeling and I am sending St. Anthony your way! I'm consantly loosing things so him and I...we know each other pretty well;) Not that you're probably in the mood for humor right now...but I really really hope you find it!! I've found important things in my dresser drawers (apparently they were open and whatever was on the dresser fell in them) and the laundry pile is another place things seem to migrate towards.

SEL said...

So glad you found the ring!!