Thursday, December 1, 2011

All I Want For Christmas...

Well it's officially December, the first day of winter is this month and of course so is Christmas!  So in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season (seriously what is up with everyone and their crazy driving skills that kick on once the holiday season is upon us?  For realz, people need to chill) I thought I would take a moment to share my list with you.

My Real List:
  • Cleaning Lady
  • New wine glasses
  • New dishes (see below)
  • Starbucks gift card (I have become one of those).
The End.

My "If We Had An Unlimited Amount of Money List:"
  • iPad2
  • Sweaters, scarves and several new pairs of shoes
  • Knobs for my kitchen cabinets (we've been putting this off because of a certain someone that can open them just fine without a knob)
  • Chalk wall in my kitchen (now mind you this is not expensive, it's a time thing)
  • An organization station on said chalkboard wall due to Pinterest inspiration and my hate for mail, crap, clutter taking up one side of my island (ahem...hubs).
         For example:

  • 801 plastic bins for all of Mia's clothes that no longer fit that I need to put away
  • New dinner plates, salad plates and bowls.  I registered for the clay ones from Crate & Barrel when we got married, but they chip like a mother and desperately need to be replaced.  This time I'm going Simple Sally and just porcelain white.
  • 1 hour to buy whatever I want at Sephora and Charming Charlies
  • A Dyson vacuum 
  • New bathroom towels (for real, now that we are nearing the 5 year mark of marriage everything is falling apart that we got as wedding gifts...of course the hubs thinks they're fine...a hole in a towel is NEVER fine).
  • A big girl bed (and possible dresser and chest) for Mia. I want a twin over full bunk bed (momma cuddles, story time, sleepovers, yes all things I'm factoring into my decision).  Currently working on the hubs with this one and it may make the Real List.  Send positive thoughts my way, kay?
  • A sibling for Mia (I long to be pregnant again, but would also love to adopt if we could)
  • Daycare paid for so I can have another baby :)
  • A day at the spa...massage, facial, pedi, mani...the works.
  • A new TV for our bedroom.  A DVD player for our bedroom.
  • Lamps, accent curtains, pillows and a throw for our bedroom (currently we have gray, black and white, but I want to add yellow accents)
          For example: 

  • A shelf and some bins so I can better organize my laundry room
          For example:


That's a pretty good list and I'm sure I could think of plenty more.

But at the end of the day, I don't need a thing.  I'm a blessed girl with plenty of "things" and perfectly happy just the way that I am and just with what I have.  I could always use more, couldn't everyone? I just want to spend Christmas with my family watching the parade, drinking fun coffees (and later adult beverages), watching the kids glow in the day with all of their new things, eating yummy food and celebrating the meaning of family.

Oh and PS - I'm introducing The Elf On The Shelf to Mia this weekend.  I wonder what she'll name him?

What's on your list this year?

All images courtesy of Pinterest (duh.)


the workaholic momma said...

I'm pretty sure you hit almost everything on my "want and must have" list for this year...seriously, wouldn't it be really cool if money just grew on trees;) But, in all honesty I'm really just hoping that my hubs will finish my pantry/laundry room/mud room area that hes been working on since May (yea, the one he told me would only take 3 weeks to complete;))!!

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week!!

Lindsay R said...

I LOVE the elf on the shelf! i just heard of that yesterday! i love the idea and i was just thinking about my unlimited budget list too! :)
we can dream can't we?


SEL said...

I love your lists! I spend such little money on myself throughout the year that hubs always gives me what I want. Cleaning lady is the only thing on my list. Ha!

Jamie said...

My Christmas list is the same way... real vs. wish list. Oh well. Maybe next year ;)

Miranda said...

i would love a cleaning lady!!! and i really want a chalkboard wall! it would be great for my toddler :)