Monday, December 5, 2011

Shiny Nose

This weekend was our first official Christmas event.  Each year one of the vendors I work with puts a big Holiday Party with Santa, face painting, balloons, crafts, lunch and even a free tree.  

This year was the first year Mia was able to really take part in all of the activities.  First up was balloon art and she picked a candy cane that Daddy had to recreate into a hat after she figured out how to take it apart in just minutes after we got it and then it was onto face painting.  After Daddy's suggestion of becoming a spider (wha??), Mia (and I) chose Rudolph.  She's really into him lately.  It all started last week with her present of the original Rudolph movie (the clay-mation one, you know the one I'm talking about) from her Aunt Linda and of course the annual tradition of it also being on TV last week.  Besides the "snow monster" in the movie, she really likes it AND she may have the Ruldoph from Build-A-Bear from last year.

Anyway, she loved being Rudolph for the day, can't you tell.

We patiently stood in line for Santa (not the most fun part of the day, let's be honest, it was nap time and it was the last thing we were doing before we left) and when her time came (after she waved at him for 10 minutes as we approached her turn), she walked right up, sat on his lap, had her picture taken and waved good bye.  Oh and got her first candy cane, a real one.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


SEL said...

I'm glad Santa went well! And the pics are adorable of Mia and Rudolph. ;)

Miranda said...

aw what an adorable Rudolph!!!