Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Battlefield

Yesterday, I got this text:

OK, so my daughter is being an evil monster today.  She scratched Mia when they were fighting over Barbies and Mia has a pretty good mark on her face...Mia's not the only victim, she also punched Rhys in the stomach.  I'm so sorry, my next step is solitary confinement...I felt so bad for Mia, I think she was more hurt that her friend would do that rather than physically hurt.  She looked so sad...KK may be possessed by some sort of demon today.  Texting an exorcist next.

So a little background, my good friend Kerry runs a daycare out of her home.  It's only a few kids and her daughter Kaelyn (KK) is a few months older than Mia.  Mia goes there 1-2 days a week depending on the week.

Two year olds do not love to share.  Everything is "mine!"  Put two of them together on a cold wintery day where it may be a tad cold to run the energy off outside and these things happen.

I was sad for my girl because she really is a sweet heart and always has been concerned aobut others. Even at just two, you can see it. She doesn't like when others are sad or mad, especially if it involves her.  It was one of those Mommy guilt moments that I have often.  At work, nothing I can do until I go pick her up type deal.

Poor Kerry felt awful, you could tell.  I'm not sure how that woman does it each and every day.

When I picked her up, she was same ole' happy and smiling Mia with a couple of battle wounds from her day.

She talked about "KK scratch me" all through dinner, but as with the wonderful resilience of children's skin, the scratches will be gone in another day or two.  It's amazing how quick they heal.

After dinner, she took a bath and then she helped Daddy finish in the kitchen.

Just another day.


Gina said...

Gray got bit (and his skin was even broken!) at school yesterday too. Must've been the day for it!

Shell said...

I always think that it's the moms of the kids who do this that feel awful- and the rest of us shrug it off for the most part- we know things are going to happen. Just part of being a kid!

SEL said...

Oh no. :( M is 15 months and gets man-handled by the toddlers older than her. I'm not excited to have situations like this.

But really, what parent is.

Alexis Kaye said...

HAHA that text was so funny! :) hope your sweeties are doing good now!