Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Hi, my name is Melissa and I'm an addict.  A Pinterest addict.  I'm borderline obsessed.

Anyway, my sis and I got together last Friday for wine and some very Pinteresting activity.

I chose to do try the ornament wreath with the wire hanger as there is a serious foam wreath shortage in the STL.  I'm pretty sure we can thank Pinterest and the holidays for that one.   However, based on other comments and blogs on the matter, I'm happy with my decision as I'm quite sure it didn't take near as long, nor the same amount of glue everyone else was chatting about.

 Finished product.  I strung most of the ornaments however did fill with the glue gun to make it more full.  Some of the ornaments I had purchased did not have a large enough hook to thread through the wire, so I had to glue them on as well.

  And to what I thought would be it's permanent home, but due to my two furbabies this door (that is brand spankin' new) gets used a ton and I didn't want my hubs to have a heart attack about a potential scratch or glitter streak so I moved it to our coat closet a few days later.
The things I do for that man.

My sister's project.  She made one for her house and one for my parents. 
Very cute idea and the finished product turned out fantastic, but I didn't get a picture.

Next up?   My chalkboard wall/get your crap off the island station in the kitchen and organization heaven in my laundry room.
Who is pumped about it?  This girl.

And still working on the big girl bed for Mia.  Not much discussion on that front yet, but I'll keep you posted because I know it's keeping you all up at night wondering.

Hope you all are having a lovely Tuesday!


Lindsey said...

Oh I love that wreath. A beautiful housewarming present for our new house? No? Damn. I guess I will have to make one myself... when the ornaments go on clearance :)

SEL said...

Your wreath looks fantastic! I made a wreath ornament last year and am contemplating making one this year for my in laws!

Natalie said...

Wow you did a great job! You can make one for me!

Gina said...

1. The wreath is adorable. If I weren't in the middle of SEVEN projects (all spread out on my kitchen table), I'd make one.

2. Ditto on the K. But I'd make an R. ;)


Emily said...

I can't STAND crap on my countertops. Biggest pet peeve ever, so I can't wait to see your chalkboard wall/get your crap off the island station!!!