Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pardon The Interruption

Holy hell has broken loose in STL.  Geezus Mageezus.

OK, so if you know anything about me you know I am a HUGE Cardinals fan.

Our biggest star, #5, Mr. Albert Pujols himself, was up for free agency at the end of this year.  Now folks, he states that he is 31 years of age, but I'm quite certain that is a fib.  Dude, seriously, who are you kidding.  Since our World Series win (can I get a Woot! Woot!!), the question has always been will he stay or go.

I didn't really care either way.  Has the Albert run been fun, absolutely, but is it the end all be all of Cardinals baseball, no.  Not in my opinion.  Again, he's 31 (ahem.).

Anyway social media and the news outlets are blowing up that he has just signed a $260 million dollar, 10 year deal with Anaheim.

People are pissed and sour about it.  Like he's greedy, cares nothing about our city and is all about the money.

Listen up people, this world revolves around the benjamins.

Don't be so offended.  It's nothing personal, just business.

If you were sitting at your breakfast table, making a decision between a $220 million job offer or a $260 million, which would you take??

Our town does not have the big money dollars like the larger markets do.  Why would we want to tie up all of our money on one guy, who is a great athlete and a phenomenal baseball player (shall I mention again, but getting older), for another 10 years and have limited opportunity for other players, and younger players.

We will be fine.  This is Cardinal Nation.

Hey Fielder, how you doin?'

Phew, so glad to have gotten that off my chest.

Now you may resume your regularly scheduled programming.

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Miranda said...

hey hey hey you stay away from my Prince Fielder! ;) (Brewers fan here) even though I have to accept he won't be with the Brewers and I don't know how I will feel if he goes to Cardinals who kept up from the World Series :P

Alicia@ Mommy Delicious said...

Totally agree. I'm not into sports so I'm not at all sure who you're talking about, but the world revolves around money for sure. So I'm sure it's business and not personal.

Gina said...

I agree. I am so over all the bazillion FB posts about what a jerk he is. How do those people know that he doesn't want to donate the extra money? I bet he might!